Smidgen, Snippet, Sliver (plus coupon code)

A year or so ago, I took down a bunch of my early patterns.  They were lovely, but they weren’t quite as polished as my current work, so down they came.  I’ve been revamping them (new layouts, new charts, updated text, and often new pictures and more sizes) and rereleasing them as time allows.  It’s always so much fun to bring old favorites back and show them off again, all shiny and new!  Today I’m bringing Smidgen, Snippet, and Sliver back out.

sss wide smallLong time readers will remember these from when the painters came and made my house unbearably loud.  I couldn’t concentrate on anything for more than five minutes, and so needed some instant gratification knitting.  The result was three cuffs, each of which can be made with less than 100 yards of yarn, and none of which require much in the way of serious concentration.

I adore all three of them and think you will too.  They’re up on ravelry now.  But if you happened to head over to this page, you’d find a handy little code good for a dollar off  this set (it’s good for most of my other fingerless mitts and cuffs too, and you can use it as many times as you’d like, so feel free to stock up).