Once, long ago, I took a weekend trip.  It was cold, so I made a hat.  I had a tiny bit of yarn left, so I made some very very wee cuffs to go with it.  Then, as is the way with knitted things, I wore the heck out of them.  They’ve been used for four winters, and they are showing some serious signs of wear.

DSC_2270 But, this isn’t all bad.  I’ve been having great fun reworking and re-releasing old patterns.  I’ve always wanted the mitts to be a bit taller, and I’ve been feeling the need for a hat with a lovely folded up brim.  Throw in just the right yarn, and an upcoming car trip, and I feel a hat coming on.  Again.

DSC_2271How about you guys, do you ever go back and re-knit old favorites when they wear out?  Any patterns you knit over and over?  Or are you always ready to move on to the next thing?