Withhold Judgement

I know this looks like a jumbled mess right now (I assure you, I am very very aware of that), but I have absolute faith that it will be exactly what I pictured when I’m done.  I’m going for this whole elongated tetrahedron thing.  It will be an extremely snuggly pillow (that I can already tell just from petting it), and I will be delighted with it.  But right now it looks like a willful pile of mistakes and regrets.

pillow caseI did get more pencil roving (thanks for the suggestions last time, I have a feeling I’m go want to experiment more with this stuff in the future).  I ordered this from etsy.  It went in the mail about 10 minutes after I ordered it and came a day or two later.  It’s super soft (markedly softer than the stuff I already had) and looks absolutely delightful.  It will be a perfect fit for what I have in mind.  I totally recommend it if anyone else is looking for some.