This Sunday was a test run for a photo shoot, which meant that more or less every minute of last week leading up to Sunday looked like this.

pinnedI don’t think I’ve ever blocked so many things (big things) in so short a time.  I ran out of tpins (I like these, and have ordered more) and I was pretty much always out of space on my blocking mats (more of these may just be on their way too).  The dining room table (aka the only space in the house at all suitable for large blocking) was always in use, and the ceiling fan ran pretty much non stop.

But, the results were worth it.  The photos came out better than I could have hoped for (um, not this photo…this is a photo of a florescent pink thing on a hideous blue background taken at night with artificial light and so looks rather…um…problematic, but the photos we took yesterday are smashing).  I’ll share them soon, but I have to go do grownup, nonknitting, responsible adult things this morning.  But as soon as that’s over with, I’ll get back to the important things and provide pretty pictures of yarn and knitting.