Next up in the the ongoing (dare I say never-ending, all-consuming, perhaps even frenzied) project of rereleasing old patterns, Adumbrate.  These will be going up this coming week. adumbrate extra smallFolks on the mailing list will get an announcement (and usually some sort of coupon or other goody) as soon as it’s up.  Now every time I send something to the mailing list, I get a few very nice emails from folks saying they didn’t know about the mailing list and could they please have whatever the special offer is anyways.  And that’s always awkward.  So in the interest of having fewer awkward moments, I’ll be all smooth and remind you that you can sign up for said mailing list right over here.  It’s super easy, I promise.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a sock on the needles…an actual real live sock that I’m knitting myself and that’s not for a book and that I can take pictures of and talk about and everything.  I’m going to go spend some time with that so I can show it off properly in a day or two.  I’m sure you understand.