You know those conversations you sometimes have with yourself as you’re knitting?  The ones that point out that you’re using the wrong size needle, or that you really should be twisting that column, or that your cast on is a bit wobbly?  The ones that you really should listen to sooner, rather than later?  Because if you’re going to rip something out anyways, better to just go ahead and do it now rather than waiting till you’ve put even more time into it.

sockMmmmm.  Yes.  I was having one of those conversations pretty much the whole way through the start of this sock.  But I didn’t have any smaller needles with me, and I kept thinking I’d just pull the yarn a bit tighter and it would be ok.


So that’s ripped, and back on the needles, and looking much more tidy.  Comparison pictures when things get a bit farther along, but so far it’s a distinct improvement.