I do, and you should too

To everyone who says ‘mine doesn’t look like yours,’ I have a confession.  Mine doesn’t look like mine either until it’s blocked.  Shall I show you?

Why you should block your knittingSee how one of those is all lovely and flow-y and smooth with clearly defined stitches, distinct ribbing, and pretty flared edges?  And see how one is a twisty, crumpled mess of disappointment with muddled lines and no flare to be seen?

Yeah, the only difference is that the first one has been tossed in the sink for a bit of a soak, gently patted into shape, and left to dry.  Total time expended, about 5 minutes.  That includes wiping out the sink before I started, because that’s always the first step in the process around here.  It doesn’t count the 15 minutes or so I let it soak, or the time it takes to dry, but that’s not exactly active time.  I think it’s a big enough improvement to be worth five minutes of my time, don’t you?  (Hint, the answer is yes.)