Well, they’re done, and the pattern’s out!

pink knit mitts 1It’s been a long road for these mitts.  I first made them an alarmingly long time ago (they were one of the very first mitts I did).  I knit them, loved them, wrote up the pattern, folks made them, all was well.  Then, last year, I started to get an itch.  An itch to completely re-do many of my favorite early patterns.  I tried to ignore that itch for a very long time (it’s a huge undertaking), but I could not.  So I jumped in.  I started with these.

pink knit mitts 2First, I knit another pair in a more suitable yarn (Anzula’s Squishy, and wow is it yummy for these).  When they were done, The Boy and I tromped off to the conveniently located abandoned greenhouse to get some pictures.  Then, I lent the pattern to a friend for a marvelous project.  And now, now the exclusivity on that project has ended, so I can finally make the shiny new pattern available to you.

pink knit mitts 5So that’s just what I’m doing today.  The pattern for Interstices is now available on ravelry.  I’m delighted to have the new and improved pattern out there.  I love these mitts, and thrilled for the chance to show them off the way they deserve!

If they find their way onto your needles, I’d love to hear about it.  Come show them off in my rav group!  I can’t wait to see what you do with them.