The morning had one goal.  Now it’s not exactly a small goal, but it was something that could reasonably be accomplished if I was diligent.  The goal was pictures.  Pictures of the slippers, pictures of a technique I want I want to talk to you guys about, and pictures of our newest housemate.

I started with pictures of the slippers.  I got some snugly blankets, set everything up all tidy, and laid down the slippers.  I turned to grab the camera and, when I turned back, there was Barry.  Which made it more or less impossible to get just the right angle on the slipper because I was far too busy being stricken by the extreme cuteness overload.  Can you blame me?

helper barryI’ll get proper pictures in a minute, but for now, I need to revel in the cute.

P.S. The pattern will be coming out late this week (baring any excitement).  If you’re not already on the mailing list, you may want to join.  Folks on the list hear about new patterns first (and often get a discount or some other goodie).