Still Entranced

So the cowl now has a friend!

hat sideOr rather, the partial cowl has a friend.

hat topYou see, I want the cowl to be as long as possible, but I also want a hat and mitts, so I’m holding off on finishing the cowl until I’ve finished the others, just so I can use all the yarn.

I’m really rather taken with it.  I used the same stitch as in the cowl and made a band to go around my head then tapered it down to a point.  Then I picked up stitches on one side (evenly adding in as many as needed to get enough to make a hat for my head) and started going up.  After a bit I joined it all up neatly and then went up a bit more before doing some decreases.

I think the result is adorable (though it may need some sort of decorative button to go on the point).  The Boy keeps gently pointing out that I’ve left a hole in my hat…a hole…where the cold will creep in.  I keep insisting that this was quite intentional, which results in some funny looks.  I’ve settled for assuring him that the hole is optional, and that one could make the hat without it if necessary.

What do you guys think?  Adorable, or a terrible breach of hat protocol?