Unexpected Development

I’m accustomed to falling prey to random fits of yarn lust.  That’s pretty normal at this point.  But my final purchase of the trip was something rather more unexpected.  I bought a coloring book.  More specifically, I bought The Tattoo Coloring Book, and it is astonishingly awesome.  I highly recommend clicking on the picture to go see it in its full glory.  I’ll wait.

The Tattoo Coloring Book coverNow, this sort of behavior isn’t without precedent.  I have a handy little collection of coloring books (and have since college) plus a giant bucket of colored pencils, and I turn to them in times of stress.  But this, this I don’t intend to actually use for coloring.  At least not right away.  Instead, I’m going to do something much cooler.  I’m going to get some of these images onto napkins (those moth/butterfly pics are my first plan) and embroider them.  Because embroidered napkins are marvelous, that’s why.  Please do not try to convince me otherwise.  I am quite firm in my conviction.

And yes, yes I will be reporting frequently as this project progresses.  First step, go find colors.  I’m awfully glad embroidery floss is cheaper than yarn, I feel a rainbow coming on.

(The image is not mine.  It is from Megamunden’s website and is used here with permission.)