So Wednesday’s trip to Webs was lovely and totally met my yarn acquisition needs for the week month near future.  I had absolutely no intention of seeking out more yarn on the trip.  But somehow, completely without my conscious intervention, this happened. _DSC9191

I just sort of fell in and couldn’t pull myself out without bringing a pair of them home with me.  I’m sure you understand.  The way the color is put on the yarn is fabulous…it’s not this stretch is blue and this stretch is purple and this stretch is green.  Rather, each bit of yarn has all the colors, just in different proportions and on different sides of the strand.  It’s Splatter Dash by JoJo Land, and the pictures on their website in no way do it justice.  You really should seek it out if you get the chance.  I found this at Mind’s Eye Yarns in Cambridge, and I’m very much looking forward to getting it on the needles.