In Which an Opportunity Arose

Occasionally, in the course of The Boy’s job, the need will arise for him to make a last-minute jaunt.  Sometimes, this means I get to haul myself out of bed very early and drop him at the airport.  Sometimes, it means I look at my schedule, do a bit of calculation, and declare my intent to join him.  One of those calculations found us here on Sunday morning.

Cold BeachAnd yes, that is snow on the hillside.  It was rather brisk.  I was glad of my fetching woolly hat.

We saw a host of mysterious sea denizens.  I have no idea what this is but I’m fairly sure it hates me and wants me to suffer.

mysterious sea critterAnd I reminded myself, repeatedly, that the rocks are never ever as pretty once they’re home and dry (seriously though, look at the colors…excellent beach rocks in these parts).

colorful beach rocksWe’re headed back home shortly, but not before I make a pilgrimage to Webs.  I will take the proper camera, I will wear comfortable shoes, and I will bring snacks.  Then I will report back, assuming of course I can be convinced to leave and don’t accidentally set up residence. Wish me luck.