These Things Keep Happening

Somehow, despite all my firm intentions to work on only one (or, you know, two) big projects at a time, something snuck up on me the other day.  I really couldn’t help it.  It started as a swatch.  A simple little swatch.  Then there was a period of graph paper experimentation and a bit of shameless arithmetic.  Then came the creeping realization that what I had was an idea, not a swatch, and that the idea had tremendous potential.  The sort of potential that results in books around these parts.

Now of course it’s in the early stages.  More specifically, the yarn-finding stage.  But I’ve actually already made rather a good start in that department.  Now I’m hunting for the perfect yellow (and maybe a bit of green and a pink too) to round these out.  So if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be browsing yarn companies’ websites.  Somebody’s got to do it.