I Don’t Think You’ll Mind Too Much

You know how I often come on here and explain that I’ve not been knitting much lately?  And then I say I’m sorry, both because I like knitting (would be a bit awkward if I didn’t) and because I like to show you my knitting?  Yeah, well, I’ve not been knitting, but I’m also not sorry.  I’m not sorry, because I’ve been doing this (ahem, these are not all the envelopes, not by a long shot, these are just what fits on the table at once).

And this (and no, that’s not all the envelopes either, that’s just what got stuffed before my need for dinner became too pressing to ignore).

And tomorrow I’ll start that process of putting the finished envelopes in the mail.  Which means that in another a day or two, the first round of people should be finding fun things in their mailboxes.  Which sounds to me like a perfectly valid reason not to knit much for a few days, don’t you think?