I am a firm believer in order of operations.  Having a set of steps (and then following them) helps ensure things get done the right ways and that things don’t get missed.  Given that, it should come as no surprise that the books (or at least the patterns for the books) follow a set process.

Step 1 is picking the yarn. Step 2 is swatching like a fiend. Step 3 is making myself a page of charts and notes (on graph paper, it has to be graph paper, I don’t know how anyone writes on lined paper) for each pattern.  Step 4 is chaining myself to the desk and transferring those pages and pages of notes into the rather stylized language of patterns.  Steps 5-78 involve getting those patterns polished, knit, edited, photographed, laid out, and out in the world.

Can you guess which stage I’m on now?

And just to give you a sense of the timeline, these are all for the book that will be coming out next year around this time.  It really does take that long to go from ‘excellent, I have the ideas all sorted out’ to ‘and here they are, on the printed page, ready for others to use.’  I’m working on speeding that up, but so far, it’s stubbornly resistant to my pleas to happen faster.