And So It Begins

I am a big fans of systems.  I truly deeply believe big projects are easier to get through if you have a system.  Books are big projects, so I have a system for them.  I’m starting the next book (the one that comes after KCC2), and that means the book yarn containment system has been reactivated.  It’s pretty basic…one bin for sock yarn, one bin for non-sock yarn, and one bin for swatches, labels, notes, and other important bits that must not be lost.

The yarn bins are starting to fill up (yay), but the extra bit is still empty.  Or rather it’s supposed to be empty.  What it actually is is full of Barry.  See?

Now don’t worry.  He won’t go in it once it’s full of yarn or projects (he’s particular like that), and I’ll carefully de-fur it before I put anything yarny in there, but for now, it’s Barry’s favorite place in the whole world.  Don’t tell him he’ll have to move some day, you’ll break his tiny kitten heart.