And in Other News

The lovely blue socks I took off to the retreat are done (and have been for a while now, I just didn’t quite manage to get them outside and snap a picture).  We’ll start with proof of concept.  See that, two legs, two heels, two toes, all tidy and done.

And then lets take a closer look at the top of the feet.  Left and right mirrored (though it would be just as cute to put a left-leaning leaf and a right-leaning leaf together on the same sock).

It’s Vice (and yes, I am trying to irritate Lizzy into finishing up her website) in Chubbie in a super secret color she made for me.  Finished pics next time I’ve got me, The Boy, the camera, motivation, and daylight all at the same time, which should be easier now that the clocks have shifted.