A quick variation on the previous stripy hat.  It’s Malabrigo Twist again (the second half of the skeins I used for the last one, both should easily come out of those two skeins).  It’s the same technique as before (never knitting more than one color in a given row, glorified stripes, miles of stockinette with just one goofy row every now and again), just a slight change to make wee nubbies instead of an all-over pattern.  I think they make a nice pair.

Last time I did three variations, but I think I’ll have to call it good at two this time.  The yarn I used before had 210 yards per skein, and this one is more like 150.  Two skeins of that will get me two hats, but won’t quite stretch to three.  I’m not strictly sure I need three coordinating hats all for myself anyways!