Stitch Definition

The holiday weekend was productive. The Boy’s socks are finished and blocked.  I’m unreasonably pleased with how they came out.

He’s quite ready to start wearing them, but alas we must wait until the snow melts and we can get in a quick photoshoot.  For you see, I have a plan.  Those of you who have been reading here for some time will know I usually have a plan.  Actually I usually have four of five of the things kicking around in my head.  This one is a doozy though and will require a brief field trip and a little supply run to be properly implemented.  Should be fun, and The Boy is totally on board.

In the meantime, you can join with me in being amused at the impression left in the snow by the sock.  I’m taking it as a sign that yes, yes this yarn does indeed have good stitch definition and work well with cables.