Well it’s About Time

You know that moment on a hat? The moment where all you need to do is keep going around and around and around as you’ve been doing for a while now?  And there’s nothing else to be done, you just have to put in the stitches?  Even if you’ve lost all will to live (or at least to knit)?  Yeah, that’s where I was on this one.  It was not leading to much in the way of forward momentum.  At least it wasn’t until I noticed how inescapably nifty the inside of the hat looks.  See?

This discovery has left me wondering what precisely would happen if you played with the stitches a bit so as to have this be the outside from the start.  Now all I want to do is knit it (and a few experimental cousins), and instead I have to be a responsible adult and do all sorts of other stuff instead.

And yes, for those of you following along at home, that is a tiny dusting of snow out there.  It’s the first one of the season and I find myself giving it dirty looks and wanting to say the sort of arch things your most cantankerous teacher would say whenever someone walked in late to class.