As discussed the last time this hat gripped me in its obsession, these hats are mindbogglingly simple.  The vast majority of the time, you’re just knitting.  Just plain old knitting…nothing fancy at all.  Every now and then, you do a little magic trick for one quick row, then slip back to the lovely soothing plain knitting.  The resulting fabric is both charming and impressively warm.  Take a look at this.

That’s after a nice stretch of stockinette and just before the next row with the magic trick.  See the difference between the bottom part and the top part?  See how much bulkier and squishier and thicker the bottom part is?  This picture might show it better.

See that?  That poofiness turns what would generally be a moderately warm fabric (the plain stockinette, knit at a fairly loose gauge) into a super brain oven.  It traps lots and lots and lots of air, which helps keep you nice and toasty.

Now if only it would get cold here, I’d put it to good use…