Under No Circumstances

One of the guiding rules that govern our household is ‘don’t dress the cats.’  Yes, the kitten overlords are dedicated naturists.  We tried a brief flirtation with collars, but even that ended in failure.  So you may be a bit surprised when I show you this picture.  Levon was certainly surprised that I interrupted his morning nap to do anything so undignified (you can see his shame).

But never fear.  That is absolutely positively not a kitten hat (it doesn’t really suit him anyways, he prefers something a bit more classically shaped).  It is, alas, a toe hat.

For you see, on Tuesday, my mom slipped and fell and broke her ankle.  She’s in a splint for a bit while we wait to hear what happens next.  And apparently, her toes are cold.  Now generally, knitters do this thing where they think ‘hmmm, it’s cold, I should knit a sweater.’  That response isn’t actually terribly practical when a whole sweater is required.  It does, however, work surprisingly well when it’s just some toes that are cold.  I’ve whipped out two little toe hats (I’m unsure of the sizing required so one is bigger and one is smaller).  Somehow I could not convince Levon (or any of the other cats) to model the other one, so I’ll leave it to your imagination.

Also, if you hear I’ve been smothered in my sleep, you’ll know it was Levon and you’ll know he was justified.