Sorry for the radio silence over the last few days.  I’m finishing up a big stage of the behind-the-scenes stuff for KCC2.  The bulk of it goes off to the layout artist on September 1, which means I need to have it, say…finished…by September 1.  Wait…I did tell you guys I was doing a sequel, right?  Cause I totally am.  And it’s totally almost done.

Now you’d think, that since I’ve known about this deadline for months, I’d have everything well finished by now and would be lounging about, sipping iced beverages on the patio, having pedicures and massages, and generally reveling in having everything done early.  Somehow it didn’t actually quite work that way.  Shocking I know.  I’m sure that’s what you usually do in the week before a big deadline (because you’re much cooler than me and more organized and deadlines never sneak up behind you and bite you on the ass).

So if you’ll excuse me, I have to go slay some dragons and put out some fires and generally set everything in order.  Once it’s all done, I promise I’ll actually knit something.  Likely something soothing.