If I Lie Down, Perhaps it Will Pass

I’m finding myself obsessed with the idea of making about 14 zillion (or, alternately a dozen or so), of the little felt cubes I linked to on the last post. The sort of obsessed where I’ve taken measurements of my shelves and sourced materials (fancy pants industrial felt that comes in a whole range of thicknesses, and about 3 awesome shades of gray) and made schematics and otherwise gone a wee tiny bit insane.  Can someone out there explain any reason this is a terrible idea?  Am I overlooking something obvious?  Is there some reason this will end in tears?

Doing it myself will be cheaper, will let me get the precise size I want, and will let me get the color I want (this is only because the color I want is ‘gray’…if I wanted something more colorful I’d be out of luck).  It will also mean some sewing, but that’s fine, it’s all straight lines.  At least at this stage in the process it is.  I don’t doubt I’ll find a way to complicate it up between here and there.

I’m going to sit and think on this over the weekend, but if nobody talks me out of it, I may be ordering a few yards of some seriously sturdy felt come Monday.