Now With Knitting

You guys are awesome.  Thank you so much for writing the amazon reviews.  I very much appreciate it.  And I will keep proding them to get it shifted over to ‘in stock’ and to get it listed on amazon’s international sites.

In the meantime, I will also keep knitting on this.

I’ve become rather smitten with it.  You’d think that would mean it would click along quickly.  Alas, no.  It seems that I’ve only got time to knit on it for 10 minutes here and 10 minutes there.  Somehow this continued not knitting really slows down the completion of the project.  If anyone wants to swoop in and find me an extra 2 hours a day, I’m sure I can have it done in no time.  For now, it will remain a pleasant distraction.  Things should calm down after next week, and with luck I’ll make better progress then.