Blatant Solicitation

As part of the long and winding process of getting Book the Second out in the world, I’m working on getting it up and running on Amazon.  Right now the page for it is live, though it lists the book as temporarily out of stock (this is a pernicious lie, I know for a fact the book is sitting in their warehouse and I’ve got the tracking info to prove it, their computers are just having a hard time believing it’s true).

It’s important to have the book on Amazon.  It’s by far the biggest single channel for book sales, and it’s a good way for people who don’t already know about the book to discover it.  One of the ways people can find it is if it makes a good showing in Amazon’s internal ranking systems.  Now the workings of these ranking systems are unbelievably complicated (and Amazon keeps the details private), but one thing that seems to have a big impact is reviews.  So this is where the shameless solicitation part comes in.

If you’ve gotten the book, would you be willing to pop over to Amazon and write a quick review of it?  It doesn’t have to be anything lengthy or complicated, just say what you think about it.  I feel bad asking (I’m horrible at this self promotion thing), but everyone assures me that this is important and one of the best ways to help the book get noticed.  I’d be very grateful if a few of you had time to do this.