The Sock Report

Do you remember the other day when I said I was feeling bad it had been a while since I released a pattern?  I don’t feel all that bad anymore.

The always charming Janel Laidman (author of The Enchanted Sole) has a wonderful new project.  It’s a magazine with a focus on sock yarn.  It’s called The Sock Report, and it’s marvelous.  I’m so pleased to have a pattern in it!

My pattern is but one of the yummy things you’ll find in The Sock Report.  There are 15 other patterns to keep it company, and each uses a different delicious sock yarn.  And yes, there are lots of beautiful socks, but shawls, sweaters, and other woolly things are all represented too.  Take a look, I have a feeling you’ll find something you like!

Pictures taken from The Sock Report and used with permission.