More Critters

Earlier this month, we visited Maryland Sheep & Wool and got in our yearly recommended dose of sheepy goodness.  Yesterday, we stopped by the Great Lakes Fiber Show to round out our furry animal intake.  We also consumed our yearly ration of sugar-coated fried dough products (yes I know funnel cakes will kill you, but I’m hoping that eating half of one every other year will kill me fairly slowly).

These cuties were freshly shorn and wanted to show off for the camera:

I just can’t get over their fluffy giant heads on their tiny skinny necks.  They look like toys.  The Boy swears they must have been the inspiration for ewoks.

And of course, the bunnies.  Their cuteness needs no explanation.  One of these guys (one of the white ones, though I can’t swear which one) was playing Houdini and escaped from his enclosure.  He was safely retrieved, but I fear he may have been plotting another field trip.  He seemed like the sneaky type.