Any Minute Now

The nice men from the lawn place will be here any minute (hence my unusual state of being awake, upright, clean, and dressed at such an early hour).  They came a week or so ago and killed off all the stuff that was destined to go away.  Today they rip out the corpses, put in shiny new plants, and spray weird proto-grass paste (which we must dutifully water).  They think they can do it all in one day.  Should be fun.  It will likely also be noisy, but I think it will be worth it.  Of course the last time folks descended on my house and made terrible noises, this happened.  Today’s adventure should be done in a day or two  though, not a week and a half, so I likely won’t have time to get to the productive stage of insanity.

Edited to Add:  Or, maybe not so much.  About 20 minutes after I posted this, the phone rang.  Apparently the weather’s wrong today (too cold, and it’s going to rain).  This isn’t conducive to working outside.  So it’s looking like Thursday is the day.  I’ll try to be patient.  I’ll fail, but I’ll try.