As part of my ongoing efforts to increase knitting awareness in my community, I took the knitting on a little excursion Sunday evening.  The Boy, the knitting (a new project, I’ll show it to you later this week), and I went to one of our local musical establishments, The Beachland Ballroom.  Sunday evening’s performance was provided by The Two Man Gentlemen Band.  I’d first heard about them on our local NPR station and was immediately smitten.  When we learned they were playing here, we made plans to attend.  It was an absolutely delightful show. Difficult to describe mind you, but delightful.  Think a sort of 50s vibe with extra irony…plus banjo.  I highly recommend checking out their page.  They’ve got some videos to give you a sense of their style.  They’ll be doing a big tour in the fall, so you may have the chance to see them near you.  You won’t be disappointed.