Every now and then someone asks me how it is that all my knitting comes out so well.  After I’ve stopped laughing, I assure them that it doesn’t.  Not really at all.  An amazing percentage of my knitting comes out exceptionally badly.  Probably a higher percentage than of your knitting.  Every pattern that gets to the point where you see it has had lots and lots (and lots) of failed prototypes.  So, just to reassure those of you who might be feeling that you’re the only one whose knitting occasionally looks like a pile of limp spaghetti, allow me to show you my most recent botch up.

See, not cool at all.  But never fear, the revised version (over on the left, helpfully obscured for the moment) is going well.  I’ll show it off to you shortly.  Now though, I need to rip this first attempt right out.