Knitting Props En Masse

The image collections on the Library of Congress’ website are an endless source of entertainment.  And, just as important, I can convince myself they’re educational (as opposed to the collections of adorable baby animals or kittens doing amusing things that also seem to flourish on the internet, which are also a source of endless entertainment, but likely not at all educational).  I stumbled across this one and thought I’d share it.

It’s listed as being sock dryers at the Union Point hosiery mill in Greene County, Georgia and was taken in the fall of 1941 by Jack Delano as part of a project for the Farm Security Administration, Office of War Information (click to embiggen).

I look at this and all I can do is wonder what ever happened to all of the sock dryers.  Could they still be in use?  If not, did they end up in a dumpster, or might they still be tucked away in some dusty corner?  It’s hard to tell for sure, but they look like they might be made of metal and they look like they might be a bit more rounded than the sock blockers I have.  Has anybody ever seen such a thing?  Does anybody live in the area and want to go do a bit of reconnaissance?  I’m hopelessly enamored of them and have decided I must find one.