Presto Chango

Someone linked to this on pinterest and we’ve had a lot of folks stopping by asking about it (hi, welcome). If you’re looking for the book that has this pattern in it, it’s called Rabble Rousers and it’s available on ravelry.

I swear this yarn (it’s Arroyo by Malabrigo in the color archangel) changes color every five minutes.  It goes from purple to pink whenever you blink.  Even more confusingly, it looks downright blue at night under florescent lights.  If you look at the yarn itself, there are tiny specks of just about every color imaginable.  More or less magic as far as I can tell, if challenging to photograph.

And the stitch itself is also a wee bit magic.  I’m completely undecided as to which side I like best.  What do you guys think, the one on the left or the one on the right?  Or just give in and embrace the reversible aspect of it?

I do know that I have started to come to terms with the long straight needles.  It takes an age to finish each row, but each row adds dramatically to the progress towards completion, which provides me with the necessary motivation.