All is Lost

It is possible that I’ve spent too much time proofreading in the last few days.  I’m not sure, but it seems likely.  The hissy fit I just threw because I could not find the particular green pen that I’m using to make corrections on this print out might be a hint.  The three minute rant I delivered to the cats (no I cannot just use another pen, no not even another green pen, it has to be that pen or else it won’t match the edits I’ve already made and could be another hint.  As could the fact that I’ve now secured a backup green pen (same shade, same tip type) and a back up pink highlighter and locked them away from kittens to protect against any such future catastrophes.  But dammit, my marked up draft is awfully pretty.  And now, I think I need a cup of tea…away from the computer.