No Discernible Purpose

Every now and then, I need to knit something… unofficial.  Something I have no intention of using in a pattern.  Something mindless.  Something I can pick up for 5 minutes here and there between other endeavors.

This is it.  It’s Yarn Harlot’s One Row Scarf, worked in some (almost) yarn I (sort of) spun from lace caps many moons ago.  It’s a single ply, and I’m knitting right off the spindle.

It is not fancy, it is not hard, it is nothing but colorful loops.  And it’s just what I need right now. It is, alas, also hard to photograph.  Millicent is helping out, and I’ll find something more fitting once it’s done (some day).  But for now, it’s serving as proof I’m still here and still knitting and haven’t drown in a puddle of highlighter ink or been papercut to death by post its.