Breaking out the Machine

I saw this over on Design Sponge and fell instantly in love.  It’s awesome all on it’s own, but they even show it filled with yarn.  Very thoughtful of them! It’s made from paper, and it seems like the perfect excuse to break out the sewing machine.  I have a vague feeling I’d need to get a special super sturdy needle for it (like one of the ones for denim), and I might try out the fancy decorative stitches that my machine makes, but I definitely want to play with the idea.  Now…to find the paper…anybody think colored tissue paper might work?  Or would that look too much like an easter basket? Or maybe that could be cute if you wanted to make an easter basket?  I foresee some experimentation.

(And the obligatory note, this image is from Design Sponge and belongs to them.  I’m sharing it because it’s awesome and I want you to know about it.  Click on the pic to see their post, complete with instructions.  If you’re from Design Sponge and want me to take it down, just let me know!)