Sorry for the radio silence.  I’m going over the draft book with highlighters and a variety of colored pens and a stack of post its.  So are a host of genius editors and tech editors and other noble and diligent souls.  I know it’s part of the process, and I’m very glad to be at this stage of the project, but it does cut into knitting time.  All of which means that the orange spiky socks are coming along slowly (just past the gusset decreases on the second sock).  As soon as they’re done, I’ll have the pattern up.  It’s all written and tested, I just need the socks finished so I can take some pretty pictures, then it’s all yours.

Actually, they need one more thing.  They need a name.  I noticed the other day that I have patterns starting with almost all of the letters of the alphabet (apparently I like the shiny words, who knew).  The only letters missing are Q and Z.  So, do I try and name the next few patterns with words that use those letters? Or do I just let them pick their own name like usual and not worry about filling out the alphabet?  And if the former, does anyone know any good Q or Z words?