Upon hearing of a planned trip to the Slaughter Innocent Woodland Creatures store, I asked The Boy to look for something for me.  It’s not a store I generally frequent myself (gee, could you guess), but I knew they were likely the best place to find a wee little gizmo I wanted.  It’s something called a line counter.  These things are marketed as ‘Fishing Accessories,’ but they are clearly ‘Yarn Accessories.’

The theory is that you thread your fishing line yarn through that little slot on the left and pull it through and the little counter on the right spools up and tells you how long your strand is.  I haven’t any idea why you’d need this for fishing, but I can see lots of applications for yarn.  I need to figure out a way to mount it between my swift and my ball winder, but I’m confident that a trip to the basement, the garage, or possibly the hardware store will let me accomplish that nicely.

And the best part of the whole thing?  It cost $12.99.  I’ve seen similar things sold in yarn stores for close to $50.00.  This seems a much better deal!  Anybody else have one?  Any tips for mounting it?