Oh the Weather Outside was Frightful…

But my hat was so delightful! See, I told you the hat was much cuter on.

And warm…very very warm.  I’m fairly sure I could stand outside in that bluster and blow for just about forever and my head would not be cold. (Please pardon the blowing hair, it really was kind of stormy outside.  We’re standing in the driveway out of the main force of it because otherwise the tassel sticks straight out in the wind.  Speaking of tassel, it’s really the tassel that makes the whole thing, it’s ridiculously fun.)

Everyone should immediately go get their very own wheel (plate, disc, what are those things called) of pencil roving and make their own.  1×1 ribbing for a row or two in a contrasting yarn, 3×1 ribbing for a nice long time, decrease, add tassel.  It will take you about two days if you dawdle. You won’t regret it!