Change of Plans

I was going to show you the gray sock’s mate (heel  just turned, coming along nicely).  But for now I’ll have to leave it to  your imagination.  I’ve got something much more amusing to show you.

Do you remember back when I put carpet down in my side entrance? The swearing and the finger slicing? Yeah. Fun times. The carpet is still going strong and the fingers have healed.  But ever since then I’ve been getting Flor’s catalog in the mail.  Normally I drop it straight in the trash.  It’s not that I don’t like the product.  I totally do.  But really, I’m not going to buy carpet as an impulse purchase.  And if I know I’m shopping for something, I’m oh so much more likely to do it online than from a paper catalog.  But maybe they have something with this paper advertising thing, because in yesterday’s catalog…this:

Dude.  That’s a carpet with cables on it.  Knitted-looking cables…on a carpet.

(The picture is Flor’s, click it to go directly to the listing for those carpet tiles and see more pictures.  And if you’re Flor and want me to take the picture down, just let me know.)

Someone out there reading this must be redoing their craft room.  Or opening a yarn store.  Please oh please oh please get this for your carpet.  The notion fills me with a ridiculous amount of glee and mirth.  If I had a craft room in need of a floor covering (unlikely in my house, as I have way more rugs than floor as it is), or if I had a yarn store, that would totally be the way to go.

Seriously.  Someone do this.  Then show it to me so I can live vicariously through your exploits.