The kitten overlords have decreed that I may not use my desk chair.  It has been commandeered for their nefarious purposes.  They suggest checking back later to see if they’re done with it, but they make no promises.

Update:  Shortly after posting this, the rat fink bastards devious little brats kittens upped the ante in their quest to keep me from being productive.  They swarmed me, all three at once, on the tile floor.  It was a choice between dropping what I had in my hands and grabbing the sink or going ass over teakettle and landing in the middle of them.  In the fraction of a second one has to make those sorts of decisions, I choose to protect the kittens (and my knees).  Alas, the thing I had in my hand was my ipad.  The glass is now cracked beyond salvage.  This is not an auspicious start to the day.