Creepy Crawlies

The hat is going to have a wee flipped up bit at the brim.  I had initially planned to hold this in place with a button.  But the more I play with it, the more I want the hat to be reversible.  That means a button won’t really work so well.  A pin or a brooch would work much better.  Now of course I’m happy to try and track down something cool (oh etsy, your siren song draws me in every time), but I’m also a fan of the use what you have approach.  Alas, I’m not really a brooch sort of girl…I have one or two, but none that seem quite right for this.

Except for this one thing…

You see, I have a few of these old, embossed metal bug pins.  I think they’re Japanese.  I know they’re nifty.  I’m not sure what the appeal is…they’re much more realistic than your standard cute bug thing.  Yet somehow, they fill me with mirth and glee.

So the question becomes, is it too creepy to use on the hat?  Or more specifically, is it too creepy to use on the hat’s eventual pictures? Will it’s buggy goodness squick people out and send them running from the pattern?  Or is it merely charmingly eclectic?  I mean you’d be picking your own yarn and pin, it’s not like you would have to use a bug.  Or are bugs just too far beyond the pale?