All My Bags Are Packed, I’m Ready To Go

I am (finally) all packed and ready for the photo shoot tomorrow.  That’s Box 1.  It contains model releases, shot lists, a wee knitting repair kit in case something goes wrong, and lint roller.  Oh, and knitting.  A fair bit of knitting actually.  You can see tiny snippets of about 15 of the 20 projects there, though peer as you might, you aren’t going to be able to tell much about them.  You’ll just have to take my word for it that they are nifty.  Box 2 is lurking off camera.  It is even larger (and much much heavier).  It is currently home to Percival, Millicent, Alphonse, an unreasonable number of sock blockers, and a small array of other prop-y sorts of things that I think might come in handy. Tomorrow is going to be a rather long day, but I have a plan, and I think it’s going to be fun.

And on a totally non-knitting related note, once upon a time, I was an unbearably earnest college freshman.  I was sitting on an airplane about to fly away from my boyfriend for what seemed like an unimaginably long time.  Someone, in their infinite wisdom actually played Leaving on a Jet Plane over the airplane’s radio.  I may have sniffled just a bit.  I still maintain that that song ranks awfully high on the list of ‘worst possible songs to play on an airplane.’  You’re pretty much guaranteed to make somebody blubber.  It worked out ok though, I married him.