Your Turn

I’m meeting with the photographer for Book the Second on Thursday.  We’ll be having a planning meeting, wandering the halls of our photo shoot location, and generally plotting how to make this book extra awesome.

I have my list of ‘things to ask’ and ‘things to insist upon.’  But I’m sure there’s something I’m overlooking.  After all, this organize and execute a book thing is still new to me.

So here’s where you come in.  I’ve got two questions for you.

First, what do you always wish you could tell the photographers of your knitting books?  Is there something you love? Something you hate? Something that just bugs the crap out of you?  Whatever it is, lay it on me.  I can’t promise to do everything (because sometimes y’all give contradictory answers), but I can promise to read and think about all of your comments.

Second, do you have any favorite knitting photographers I should be flipping through for inspiration?  I know (and love) Alexandra Grablewski, and would love to have names or sites for other folks I can look at and share with my photographer.