A Squirm?

My camera battery is charging as I type this.  Once it’s done, I’ll pop it back in my camera (no really, this part is important, if I forget it, I swear a lot), put my camera in its bag, and walk to the park.  While in the bag, my camera will be keeping company with a whole passel of tentacles (what is the collective noun for tentacles?  a grip of tentacles? a slither? a squirm?).  I’m going to the park to try and find somewhere to snap a few shots of them.

Well, that, and to ensure that I actually get outside and move around from time to time.  Knitting and writing are both inside and sitting down sort of activities, it’s important to remember that outside is sometimes nice.

Once I have a picture, I’ll spread the tentacle love and see if we can get everyone to share my flavor of crazy.