I’m suffering from project creep. It started with ‘hey, I bet I can learn this cast on.’  Yesterday’s wee red mitts were the result of that little fit.

That led to ‘oooooh, you know what else would be cool?’ That thought tipped me elbow deep into the short bits bin to dig out that blue yarn you see right there.

Then I had a ‘well, three of something is a collection, right?’ Which sent me scrabbling back into the very same bin for the yellow yarn and the two buttons (buttons!)

What do you think, do those three colors go together fairly well?  Not for use in the same project (I don’t DO colorwork folks, I just don’t), but just as three colors that don’t make your eyes bleed if you see them in the same place and that aren’t terribly out of context for some sort of autumnal feel?