Meet Me in St. Louis, Louis, Meet me at the Fair

So, anybody else going to this Sock Summit thing?  I’ve heard rumors I might not be the only one there.  If you are going, it would totally be cool to meet you.  I’ll be in classes on Thursday and Friday, plus the opening reception and Stephanie’s lecture Saturday night.  I’ll be in the market Thursday evening and Friday at lunch and likely Saturday afternoon too.  I’ll be the shy one standing in the corner trying to hide.  You can lure me out with yarn.

Cooperative Press has a booth (#206), and yes the book will be there as will many of the socks.  I’ll totally be circling around the booth and trying not to go ‘hey, look what I did!’  That would be tacky.  I promise to try hard.  I do not promise to succeed.  They also have some serious goodie bags (100, first come first serve, I may well have to buy myself one just to find out what’s in them)!