Look, Knitting!

See, look at that.  A post with actual knitting content.  You thought I’d strayed from the true path and it was going to be all exams/kittens/books around here, didn’t you?  I’m not saying your concerns were unjustified, but I can at least put your mind to rest for the moment.  I have made many many tiny sock stitches.

These are the sanity socks, started during the project from hell, picked up again when the neighbor kids showed up with an unexpected kitten, and continued on the flight to the woods (in between restorative naps).  They’re in the Casbah sock by Handmaiden that I got on our trip to New York, and being worked on the Chiao Goo needles I got on the same trip.  So far, I’m loving the yarn, the needles, and the sock.  All three are demonstrating remarkable sanity-protecting properties.