So I lied.   The plan had been to do these tomorrow.  But in the interest of being all scholarly and productive tomorrow (a girl can dream), I’m doing them today.

I’m pleased to present Vaunt.

These are the latest in the ongoing attempt to find patterns that are subdued enough to appeal to both guys and girls but still interesting enough to not send the knitter mad with boredom.  I think they hit the spot.  Well, I think this pattern in this color hits the spot.  One of the testers made them in a lovely pale purple that might not work for some guys.  But these are safely in the boy color palette.

I’m rather taken with them.  They’re easy to memorize, and they work up quickly.  I’m especially pleased with the spiffy heel flap and the way the pattern continues all the way down the toe.

They’re over on ravelry if you want to make your own.  I’ll get a page up for them here at some point, just not today.  Probably not tomorrow either.  It’s going to be that sort of a week.